Each building option addresses a different aesthetic or purpose. While the programs vary each would take advantage of the natural environment.  While using a trailer would be very simple yet possibly costly, the other two would need more planning and would be more labor intensive.


Case Study: Between the Waters, The Emscher Community Garden

Between the Waters, The Emscher Community Garden

This project, Between the Waters: The Emscher Community Gardens is an art installation that works as an autonomous water treatment. This community garden  demonstrates the ability  to reclaim and restore the natural habitat by using low-tech processes to create a high-tech system. Although this project is designed for this particular site, it is a mobile system that can be replicated in other locations.  The Community Garden project also demonstrates the importance of local residents  involvement with sustainable practices relating to water, including water conservation and local food production. The project uses nature’s ability to restore itself and the power of local communities to make this happen.

Architects: Marjetica Potrc and Eva Pfannes & Sylvain Hartenberg, Ooze (Paris & Rotterdam)
Location: Sturmshfo, Essen-Altenessen, ‘Emscherinsel’ at the previous ‘Mathias Stinnes Hafen’
Team: Florian de Visser, Shilesh Hariharan
Areas: 1000 m2
Budget: 200,000 EUR
For the event: Emscherkunst.2010
Use: Art installation: Autonomous water treatment
Client: Emschergenossenschaft
Design Period: 8 months system & community gardens
Construction Period: 2 months
Completion Construction: May 2010
Photos: Roman MensingOoze, Florian de Visser


Wax Production + Community Garden + Radio Station Facility

Investigations into Experimental Buidling

A1: Geodesic Sphere, Buckminster Fuller. A2: Walking City, Archigram A3: Radical Nature, Antfarm

B1: Greenhouse Atleir, al bordE. B2: Seoul National University Museum, Rem Koolhaas. B3: BIG

C1: Plug-In City, Archigram. C2:  Aviary, Cedric Price. C3: Between the Waters, Marjetica Potrc and Ooze

Logo Design Process

As a part of the Fundraising team, we began throwing out ideas to best represent our Colonias Unidas project graphically. We came up with the title “Self Made Trade ” as a way to best describe the ideas we are sharing and trading with the Colonias community.

Below is a transgression for the Self Made Trade logo. It is still a work in progress, and I would appreciate constructive comments and critiques.

Fundraising for Colonias Unidas Trip

Colonias Candle Making Manual